We Help Build Families

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We Help Build Families

Grob & Eirich, LLC,  is a firm concentrating in adoption, assisted reproduction, family-based immigration and child welfare law. We also handle guardianship and custody cases. With over two decades of experience in these specific areas of law, we are among the most experienced and respected law firms in the Denver area and throughout Colorado.

Each family situation is unique and deserves the compassion, professionalism and diligence that we bring to each case. You will be informed of every step along the way and prepared for any issue that could arise. Our goal is the same as yours — the process is smooth and the result is final and irrevocable.

At Grob & Eirich, LLC, our lawyers are:

  • Experienced. We have over 20 years of experience and know the legal intricacies of these types of cases.
  • Professional. We are attentive to your needs and fully prepared for any legal proceeding.
  • Objective. We assess the benefits and risks so that you can make an informed and deliberate decision.
  • Connected. We know and work with many of the agencies, organizations and individuals in these fields.
  • Hardworking. We work diligently and follow through on our promises.
  • Compassionate. We are empathetic and understanding during what can be an emotional and difficult time.
  • Results-driven. We understand the complexities of federal, state and county laws and regulations and know how to apply these laws to get the final result you want.
  • Responsive. We return every contact within 24 hours.
  • Accomplished. We have received numerous legal awards, written many of Colorado’s adoption, relinquishment and child welfare laws, and published extensively.
  • Timely. We work as fast as the process and law allows so that you can start enjoying your new family.
  • Passionate. Our work is child-centered, and we feel honored to help build families.

Some adoption, assisted reproduction and other related cases seem straightforward, but there are many unforeseen issues and risks that could derail your dreams of building a family. Working with an experienced attorney who is highly focused in these areas of law can save you time and money and ensure the result is final and irreversible.

To learn more about our attorneys’ credentials and professional accomplishments, please follow the links to their individual profiles below.

Many clients also benefit from the insight and support of our on-staff legal assistant and social worker, Ondine Eisenhart. To learn more about Ondine, please follow the link to their individual profile below.

If you are considering expanding your family and want to better understand all of your options, or if you have a specific case and know you need an experienced attorney, please contact us for a consultation. We offer consultations at our office in Lakewood.