We Help Build Families

Family-Building Legal Consultations

If your hopes and dreams center on building a family, but you are dealing with infertility issues or other challenges, we at Grob & Eirich, LLC, in Denver can help. At any of our welcoming office locations in Colorado, you can sit down for a compassionate, constructive discussion with one of the nation’s foremost adoption and assisted reproduction attorneys.

The attorneys at Grob & Eirich, LLC will listen carefully to what you have tried thus far, gain an understanding of your unique goals and help you examine all options — often including approaches you may not have previously considered. He will share his deep experience assisting thousands of other families to help you weigh the advantages, risks and financial costs of family-building options such as:

  • Domestic or international adoption
  • Waiting child adoption or a foster-to-adopt process
  • Traditional or gestational surrogacy
  • Ova donation, embryo donation or semen donation

Legal Case Consultations

In addition to providing family-building consultations, we can also assist you with contested adoptions, guardianship or custody challenges, juvenile delinquency cases and issues involving the Colorado child welfare system.

In any such situation, there is no substitute for an open conversation with an attorney focused on these specific areas. We invite you to further explore this website for more on our legal team’s credentials, accomplishments and unrivalled dedication to building and protecting families.

Empathetic, Results-Driven Legal Counsel You Can Trust

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you, so that we fully understand your specific situation, concerns and goals. We meet with clients at our office in Lakewood. Call 303-816-8147 or email us today.