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Adult Adoptions

Adoptions are not limited to children. Rather, persons over the age of 18 can be adopted under Colorado law. Adult adoption requires the consent of the adult wishing to be adopted as well as the individual, or individuals, wishing to adopt. Adult adoptions are often pursued when one wishes to make the adult adoptee an heir at law such that the adoptee can inherit from the person adopting. An adult adoption also has the additional benefit of allowing the adult adoptee to receive the emotional and psychological benefits from having a legally recognized family. This is especially true where an adult adoptee has a unique and special relationship with another adult, is often estranged from his or her biological parents, and the adoptee desires a legally sanctioned adoption recognizing this important relationship. A name change can also be sought in an adult adoption case. It is noteworthy that adult adoption in Colorado does not affect the rights of biological parents, and thus they do not need to be notified of an adult adoption proceeding.

Experienced Adult Adoption Attorneys

At Grob & Eirich, LLC, we have handled many adult adoptions.  Our representation in this area of the law includes:

  • Evaluating and providing informed objective counsel about whether an adult adoption is appropriate given the circumstances including whether the adult adoption will impact adoptee benefits such as Medicaid, Chafee Independent Living Program, Financial Aid for college; and Supplemental Security Income; and
  • Drafting and filing the adult adoption pleadings; and
  • Expeditiously completing this process often within 30-45 days.

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