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Attorneys Helping Stepparents Adopt

Stepparent adoptions often provide stability and a sense of permanence and parental commitment that is very important for children. In many cases, other pivotal issues may pertain, such as termination of the rights of a biological parent you feel could pose a future threat to your beloved child’s well-being, or the desire to help a child gain U.S. citizenship through adoption.

At the metro Denver law firm of Grob & Eirich, LLC, we can help you manage a consensual stepparent adoption with maximum efficiency and affordability. Equally important, our in-depth knowledge of stepparent adoption laws, together with our extensive litigation experience, will likely prove to be critical assets if your goals are opposed to those of a biological parent objecting to the stepparent adoption.

Turn To Compassionate And Accomplished Adoption Lawyers

We are respected, accomplished attorneys with extensive experience in handling numerous stepparent adoptions. Our decades of relevant experience and proven capabilities cover the spectrum of all types of stepparent adoption matters, including:

  • Consensual stepparent adoptions, with all parties in agreement on what is in the best interest of the child;
  • Contested stepparent adoption cases requiring proof of a parent’s abandonment for a year or longer or failure to pay reasonable child support, without cause, for a year or longer;
  • Traditional surrogacy cases, often involving an intended mother who needs legal validation of her parental rights and thus termination of the surrogate mother’s parental rights; and
  • Matters that demand an understanding of both Colorado and federal laws, including those associated with children of Native American heritage.

Get Sound, Dependable Legal Guidance Aligned With Your Goals

Whether you need to find the optimum strategy to obtain a termination of parental rights or sound legal guidance to complete a consensual stepparent adoption, we are here to help. We offer personal, informative consultations at our office in Lakewood.