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Attorneys Assisting With Guardianship And Custody

Guardianship and legal custody are powerful legal arrangements which provide the basis to legally care for and make important decisions on a child’s behalf. Whether you are a relative or kin supporting a beloved child or a responsible adult with a relationship to a child abandoned or placed with you by his or her birth parents, you will receive dedicated attention from Colorado guardianship lawyers at our firm.

At the metro Denver law firm Grob & Eirich, LLC, we focus on third-party guardianship/custody cases rather than traditional custody battles arising from divorce. We recognize the extreme importance of helping kids who have been uprooted or left behind. We help families gain the legal and financial advantages associated with these legal arrangements and focus on helping them achieve their unique goals.

Accomplished Lawyers Focused On Child Protection And Families’ Interests

Our experience and capabilities cover the spectrum of:

  • Securing the legal authority necessary for caregivers to make educational, medical and other important decisions for children in their care, and to ensure that the children will not be indiscriminately moved;
  • Recognition of how critical it can be to have the guardianship or lawful custody relationship established so that the children can be added as dependents to a family health insurance policy;
  • Utilizing the guardianship and custodial orders to later assist families in pursuing custodial adoptions governed by specific laws requiring demonstration that a biological parent has abandoned or failed to support the child;
  • Representation of families caring for children who entered the United States without proper legal status — prioritizing children’s ability to get an education, pursue employment and avoid any threat of deportation; and
  • Filing Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SJIS) petitions premised upon guardianship or custody orders on behalf of children now in the U.S. who were victimized by abuse, neglect or abandonment by one or both biological parents — and whose best interests would not be served by return to their countries of origin.
  • Using mediation to resolve issues in these complex, emotional cases

We appreciate the interest you took with our two grandchildren. Tim’s calm, positive attitude and knowledge of the steps that would be taken were reassuring. The communication between all of us was great. Thanks for your patience with all of our questions. Everything was just perfect!” Jerry and Illectra

Questions About Guardianship And Your Legal Rights?

Whatever loving, genuine relationship you have with a child, whether as a blood relative or someone with a special bond with the child, legal issues may arise that have a vital impact on your financial status or future rights. To speak with a compassionate attorney who will understand, offer objective counsel, and put your goals first, call or email our firm today. We provide consultations at our office in Lakewood.